2017 RACE

The 2017 Little 500 was proof that Sigma Chi Racing's rebuilding efforts are paying off. In this year's race, Tim Ryan, David Holtkamp, Nick Faupel and Dominic Fiore all crushed their sets and raced at the front of the pack throughout the 67th Little 500. Smart riding kept them out of trouble and in good position until the decisive move happened with about 15 laps to go. Not expecting the late break-away to stick, Sigma Chi was setting up for a bunch sprint that never quite happened. In the end, ΣΧ crossed the line in 7th place. It's not the finish that the team wanted, but a solid top ten is proof that Sigma Chi is back among the top tier Little 500 teams. Tim Ryan will pass the captain's torch to David Holkamp to write the next chapter in Sigma Chi Racing history. Together with fellow Little 500 veterans Nick Faupel, Dom Fiore and John Eckhart, David has the pieces in place to make a strong run at it in 2018!

2016 RACE

The 2016 race marked a huge comeback for Sigma Chi Racing. After having trouble with a frozen track and failing to Qual in 2015, the guys dedicated themselves to rebuilding the team and becoming competitive once again. 

With three rookies on the team, hard work showed solid results with a Qual time of 2:25.9 and a 12th position on the starting grid during a record fast year. As the 2016 race progressed, Tim Ryan, Elliot Cofer, Dave Holtkamp and John Eckhart all took very solid pulls and learned what it takes to stay on the lead during fierce accelerations. This year these attacks were prompted by key teams crashing or other teams attempting to take a flyer off the front. For a hundred laps, the guys were getting it done, however, during a very fast period of the race, a poorly timed exchange put them at a disadvantage and they dropped a lap to the leaders. With other good teams struggling and a couple teams involved in crashes, there was still a chance for a top 10 finish and the team never gave up. Sigma Chi showed a lot of heart riding near the front and fighting for position all the way to the finish. In the end, they maintained their Qual position with a 12th place finish.

2014 Race

The 2014 race was a hard fought affair and one in which Sigma Chi showed incredible grit and determination on their way to a 6th place finish. Lead by senior Brian Arfman, the team was able to overcome an early wreck that set them back over half a lap and climbed back into contention. Sigma Chi was one of eight teams in the lead pack as the peloton rounded turn three on lap 199. We were gearing up for a sprint finish when a huge wreck took out all of the leading teams except for the eventual winner, Black Key Bulls. While it was a heartbreaking finish, the team walked away with their heads held high knowing they gave it their all and proud of the fact that they had put themselves in a position to win so near the end of the race.

Here is a some amazing video of the crash that took out all of the lead teams except for BKB: