Sigma Chi has a nearly 70 year history of participation in the IU Little 500 and strives to compete hard with the other top teams year after year. Anyone who has been involved in in the effort, whether through riding, coaching, participation with IUSF, or with critical financial support, should feel a resounding sense of pride for all that has been accomplished.

We would like to recognize the following individuals who have gone above and beyond in their support of the team by bestowing upon them the Sigma Chi Racing - Significant Sig Award. This is intended to be an ever expanding list as we would like to continue to recognize the many Sigma Chis, both past and present, that have contributed to the success of the team.

If you would like to nominate someone, or share an anecdote, please send us a note using the "contact the team" form on our home page.

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Randy Spruill

Randy was the final man on the bike as Sigma Chi claimed victory in the 1994 Little 500.

He first attended the Little 500 as a high school senior and immediately decided that the Little 5 is what he wanted to pursue. Cycling was an easy transition after running cross country in high school and he started riding with Sigma Chi as a pledge during the fall semester of his freshman year. A strong, top 5 finish that year propelled him to work even harder and he decided to dedicate his summers to racing on the Indy Cycloplex velodrome.

Randy proved to be a great leader and mentor for his Sigma Chi teammates during his career. After his junior year, knowing he was on the five year track, he decided to sit out the '93 race in order to help develop the younger guys. Randy spent this entire year "off" training just as if he was riding in the race and then he made a huge comeback in 1994 using his final year of eligibility. He attributes the extra time training and bonding with his teammates as a critical factor in earning the Borg Warner Trophy.  To this day he remains close with his teammates and with many that have come after. While winning the race is ultimately his favorite Little 500 memory, the relationships he built with the riders and the ability to take Sigma Chi racing to the highest level, is something he will always be the most proud of.


John Strickland 

John rode for Sigma Chi Racing from 2008-2011. He was also a captain of the team. During his years racing, Sigma Chi had three top-ten results and finished as high as 3rd place in 2011. Under John's leadership, Sigma Chi placed second in the Team Pursuit clocking in with the fastest time of the day during a preliminary round.

To this day, John remains a major supporter and advisor of Sigma Chi Racing. He has taken a hands-on appproach by personally hosting the team's annual Winter Training Camp in Marco Island, Florida. At camp, he rides hard with the team and gives great advice covering all aspects of training for, and racing in the Little 500.


Dave Perez

 Dave Perez in the Sigma Chi Pit on Race Day

Dave Perez in the Sigma Chi Pit on Race Day

Dave was a key member of Sigma Chi's championship team in 1994. He has stayed close with the program as an adviser and coach ever since. As pit coach, Dave has helped Sigma Chi earn many top ten finishes and even a couple of 3rd places.

An Indianapolis native and still an active cyclist, Dave encourages Sigma Chi riders to do some racing during the summers and he has traveled to Bloomington many times to ride with the team. 

To Little 500 riders, Dave is known for his work ethic. He's a big believer in volume, and that with big miles comes success. He's also a big believer in team rides and that through sharing hard rides on the hills of Bloomington or in the basement of Sigma Chi, we can build the team chemistry, trust and culture that is needed to win again.


V. William Hunt

A native of Kokomo, Bill's family moved to Indianapolis where he attended North Central High. As a freshman at IU he was a member of the Hoosier baseball team but he decided that he wanted to get involved with the Little 500. After a summer of training on the bike, he came back the next year ready to take on the new challenge. Bill's sophomore year was his only year riding in the race, but he attributes many life lessons that have stuck with him to his time in the saddle. Cycling teaches you  to have a mindset of perseverance and grit. This perseverance has served him well. After a strong performance in the race Bill had a tough decision to make. He could continue riding, or he could pursue another goal of becoming a member of the IUSF Steering Committee. Ultimately, he decided to pursue the the later and after devoting his junior year to making it happen, he was rewarded with the prestigious position during his senior year.

Like most people that have been involved with the race, Bill just won't leave it behind. During law school at IU, he often found himself stopping by the track to see how the team was doing. He considers joining Sigma Chi and riding in the Little 500 to be his fondest memories at IU. Bill and his wife Nancy recently received the Herman B Wells Visionary Award from IU, which recognizes their lifetime volunteer commitment to the university. Bill still comes to the race each April and continues to be one of Sigma Chi Racing's most loyal and generous supporters.


Neil Sinclair

Neil Sinclair has been a long, ardent supporter of Sigma Chi Racing. When Breaking Away was filmed the summer before his senior year, it opened his eyes to just how big the race really was and the importance that it had at IU. He has always followed the race closely and been a generous supporter to the program. Throughout the years, not only has Neil been in the stands, but quite often he could be found right in the middle of the Sigma Chi brothers leading the cheers and trying to will the team on to victory.

His greatest memories of the Little 500 came from watching his nephew, John Strickland, ride for Sigma Chi from 2009-2011. The team had three top ten finishes during those years, finishing as high as third in 2011. Neil can tell you all of the ins-and-outs and every detail of those races. Given his love for Sigma Chi and for the bike team, he was thrilled to have a family member on the team and in the race. Neil has remained a generous supporter of the team to this day.


Jim McGoff


Jim McGoff spent ten years with the team, two as a rider and eight as the coach. He was in the pit during the team’s 1994 victory. While in law school Jim decided that he wanted to get back with the race so he reached out to the team and in 1990 became the coach. He was a great innovator with his coaching techniques as he focused on developing the riders into true cyclists. 

While winning the race in 1994 is the one moment that stands out in his mind, being witness to and involved in the transformation of the program during his eight years as coach is what really made his time with the program special. Before he took over, Sigma Chi had gone through some rough years. Under Jim's guidance the teams racked up seven top 10 finishes in eight years. Jim built Sigma Chi into one of the premier Little 5 teams during his time at the helm.